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Get your single fully mixed and mastered by an industry veteran. We do autotune, compression, eq, stereo imaging, saturation, reverb and echo, anything you are looking for to get your sound exactly how you are imagining.

Includes 1 set of free revisions.


Please make sure that you have access to your stems or trackouts before you purchase. you will recieve an email instructing you on how to upload your stems. If you do not send your stems, we cannot mix your song. Please use your real email or phone number so that we can reach you.


  • Get high level mixing and mastering for your song. Maybe you recorded in a home studio, maybe you recorded at a nice studio with a bad engineer, or maybe even in bandlab on your phone. As long as you have the stems or trackouts we can fix, mix, and bless your song. Send all stems to after payment.

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