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Guitar is a technique focused instrument. Almost always using both hands, you will certainly learn to multitask a bit. There is also the sound of the guitar itself, which is entrancing and unique amidst a full band of traditional instruments. It stands out nicely in mixes while often doing nothing more than adding texture.


With the guitar one can do many things similar to what a piano player accomplishes, just in a translated sense. We can comp, play chords, add rhythm, play melodically, and arguably do more than a piano player sometimes can as we can bend strings and notes to our preferred flair.  Your first few months may include some sore fingertips as you learn the technique and build the strength to hold chords, but once under your control, you can learn to play everything from flamenco to heavy metal.

I have been playing guitar since the age of 10, and am in my twenties now. Originally I was in love with classic rock, but as time went on I expanded into indie rock and then jazz styles. Since four I have played piano and understand every corner of music theory now as a result of my lifetime relationship with that instrument. I would love to teach you how to write songs and play chords by ear alongside your learning in this instrument, as I think they are inseparable skills. I highly recommend online guitar lessons to anyone seeking a stronger grip on the fine details of technique based sound design.

Do you walk around hearing musical ideas in your head all day, but have no way of getting them out, or they don't sound like you imagined? Maybe you're just looking to deepen your connection with music. Maybe you have no idea at all what you want to learn musically, but you want to start somewhere and know you're learning as efficiently as possible. I have spent my life in the pursuit of learning how music works, how to execute my musical ideas, and can help you do the same.

I began piano lessons when I was four, and added guitar and drums not too many years after. In college I was an Open Music Studies Major and picked up on a lot of Jazz and modern producing after mainly studying classical music prior. I started recording, mixing and mastering artists as well in college and have built my mobile recording studio business off of this practice since. I have my B.A. in Open Music Studies now, and travel the world on my R.V. studio. I am fully supported by my connection to music.

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